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Here at Uintah Basin Herbals, we provide an invaluable benefit to doctors, estheticians, health care practitioners, shop owners and herbal tincture vendors with our private label nutraceutical manufacturing services. Our clients who want to sell herbal tinctures under their own name or company’s name can save time and money by partnering with our herbal company. You can order any of our premade herbal tinctures and we will label them as your own, to be sold at your practice, spa or shop. 

Additionally, we will work with you to develop custom nutraceuticals — one-of-a-kind products you can sell as part of your own private line of herbal tinctures. 

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At Uintah Basin Herbals we use extraction techniques that focus on the properties of the individual herbs in your product. We give our herbs the time to “open up” and release their wholesome goodness in its time. Every herb is extracted individually, in a multistage process studied and proven through organoleptic testing to be the best extraction it can be. We know that having the best extractions of herbs is as important to our customers as it is to your customers. Not only will your products taste great, but their efficiency will also be unparalleled as well. In addition, we send out all products to be tested by an ISO accredited, independent laboratory.

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About Us

At Uintah Basin Herbals contract nutraceutical manufacturing company, our top priorities are quality, consistency, honesty and reliability. These are non-negotiables for any herbal company creating ingestible products, whether liquid or gummy. Our clients must be able to trust that our liquid supplements are not only safe, but also efficacious — every time.

Our in-house research and development team works hard every day creating private label supplements as well as custom nutraceuticals and skin care products for our clients. We settle for nothing less than the ideal formulation. We depend on our in-house certified herbalist to confirm the quality and strength of our ingredients and deliver essential input to all our processes.

Our quality control and quality assurance departments consistently monitor operations and randomly pull samples from batches of herbal tinctures, testing them to ensure quality and safety. Our laboratory has passed audits conducted by the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s organic division. Our rigorous dedication to standards has earned us the designation as an alcohol-free, FDA-registered, non-GMO, allergy-free facility. We adhere to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices, we are halal compliant, and organic, vegan and kosher certified.

Part of the quality control process includes the source and strength of our herbal ingredients. Finding reliable sources of these ingredients was challenging before the pandemic hit; after, it only got more so. However, due to the close relationships we have built over the years with our suppliers, we feel confident in our ability to obtain a reliable supply of necessary ingredients.

Uintah Basin Herbals prides itself on being a turnkey herbal company, offering not only premade and custom liquid supplements, vitamins, herbal tinctures and skin care products, but also product labeling and packaging services, saving our clients the hassle of sourcing these services on their own. As a flexible herbal company, we will work with your predesigned label and logo, or our graphic arts department will create one for you.

At Uintah Basin Herbals, we consider ourselves partners in our clients’ growth. We provide liquid supplements, vitamins and herbal tinctures in bulk, and we consider your success in developing a loyal customer base is our success as well.

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