Product Labeling
for Private Label Supplements

Without a doubt, the most critical part of the process of contract herbal manufacturing is creating the products. Our research and development team spends countless hours testing formulas to ensure each of the herbal tinctures we offer is safe and effective. However, when you are looking to partner with a nutraceutical contract manufacturer, packaging and labeling services are an important consideration as well. 

If your liquid nutraceutical manufacturer does not offer this service, you must find another vendor or product labeling company that does and arrange for transportation of your product to them. This is an extra expense and takes more time — time you could be selling your product at your practice, spa or store. 

Private Label Nutraceutical Manufacturer 

At our herbal tincture factory, we have the technology to quickly label all the products in your order. Additionally, you have the option to send us a design you have created or hired a graphic designer to create, or you can simply have us create your label for you as well. 

You will be thrilled to see your private label supplements with your name on them, and your patients and customers will come to associate their improved health with your practice or store. 

Our liquid contract packaging services also ensure your private label nutraceuticals arrive safely, with each glass bottle in its own attractive box. You may opt to display and sell the bottles with or without the packaging — talk to our team about your preferences. 

UBH warehouse
UBH bottle designs

Private Label Skin Care Products 

Dermatologists, estheticians, spa owners and others are just some of the clients who love our private label skin care products. Put your name and logo on moisturizers, toners, firmers, anti-aging formulas, acne products and dozens of other formulas and remedies. 

Selling your own line of private label skin care products can be extremely lucrative, especially once you have built up a following of loyal customers. When patients or clients find a product they like, they stick with it, and they tend to trust you when they need other products. And you, in turn, can trust us, because we spend countless hours every week on quality control, ensuring that the private label skin care products we manufacture for you are safe, effective and consistent. 

Partner with Uintah Basin Herbals today, and get nutraceutical contract manufacturing services as well as product label and packaging services.