Liquid Vitamins and Supplements 

Adults today may remember their parents giving them a Flintstone’s chewable vitamin when they were children to help them grow big and strong. Many Americans are used to seeing vitamins offered in pill form, and the multivitamins in particular can be large and difficult to swallow. 

We believe we are serving an important population by making liquid vitamins that are easy for more people to swallow, especially children and the elderly. Vitamins are an important ingredient in many of our dietary supplements, while others are made entirely with herbs. 

Custom Liquid Vitamin Supplements 

Whether you are a doctor, herbal practitioner or a store that sells herbal tinctures, you may want to supplement your liquid vitamin offerings with your own custom formulations. Including one or more vitamins in a formulation designed to target a particular deficiency or ailment can help you develop the products your customers need to achieve optimal health. 

We help many of our customers with the research and development that goes into liquid vitamin manufacturing. The process includes listing ingredients you want to include your liquid vitamin supplement and the proportions of each. In time and with testing, you will be able to develop exactly the product you envisioned, which is a very rewarding experience. 

UBH Products
UBH warehouse

Product Labeling & Packaging Solutions 

Not all herbal manufacturers offer product labeling and packaging, but we do at Uintah Basin Herbals. That’s because our mission when we opened our nutraceutical manufacturing plant was to offer a turnkey experience to our clients who do not want the hassle of searching for separate labeling and packaging facilities as well as arranging for transportation of their products there. 

In fact, our in-house graphic designer will even design your product labels for you. However, if you already have a design, we can work with that as well. We’re a flexible herbal manufacturing company whose goal is to make natural, healing products more available to consumers everywhere. 

Experience, Reputation, Trust

When you are ordering or custom creating liquid vitamins and supplements, quality control is of the utmost importance. These are products that your clients are ingesting, and they must be safe. That means not only does our facility have to meet or exceed cleanliness standards, but also each product must contain the exact ingredients in the proper proportions. That’s why we have implemented strict quality assurance measures, such as randomized testing of products and in-house audits of each stage of production. 

Work with a liquid vitamin manufacturer you can rely on — Uintah Basin Herbals.