What Does Herbal Manufacturing Entail?

Herbal tinctures have been used for centuries to cure ills and improve health. In the last century, they have been largely replaced by pharmaceuticals, but there remains a healthy market of consumers who prefer natural ingredients to potentially dangerous substances. Uintah Basin Herbals manufactures herbal tinctures for doctors, practitioners, health clinics, estheticians, apothecaries, dispensaries and any individual or business selling herbal products. 

Custom Herbal Manufacturing 

Later, our herbal company began offering custom herbal manufacturing services. We work with our clients to help research and develop herbal tinctures they have created themselves. Because there are so many medicinal herbs that have health benefits, the custom herbal manufacturing business has become quite popular. 

When you work with an herbal manufacturing company, it’s like having your own laboratory at your disposal. Building a lab would be prohibitively expensive, and that’s why our clients love that they can trust the quality, safety and cleanliness of our herbal manufacturing process. 

Herbal Tincture Product Labeling & Packaging 

Regardless of whether you choose to purchase our premade herbal tinctures or you want to develop your own product, our private label nutraceutical services mean your name and logo go on your order. Your patients and customers will come to recognize and trust your name and logo and associate it with an herbal tincture or skin care product that makes them feel healthier. We can use a logo you have already developed, or our graphic designers can create a new logo for you. 

Our customers appreciate our turnkey services, so they don’t have to search for separate vendors for product labeling and packaging services. 

Doctors, practitioners and others interested in private label herbal manufacturing should get in contact with Uintah Basin Herbals today. 

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