Liquid Dietary Supplements

Most of the supplements that are available today are in pill form, but this is not always the best or most practical choice for consumers. For one thing, many people have difficulty swallowing pills, and if they want to adjust their dosage, this can be a problem as well. Additionally, not all supplements in pill form break down easily in the gut, thereby providing less benefit. 

As a liquid supplement manufacturer, we provide our customers with bulk orders of easy-to-ingest liquid dietary supplements. Your customers — especially those who are elderly or have small children — will appreciate being able to get their supplements in liquid form. We even provide custom gummy manufacturing services. 

Custom Nutraceutical Manufacturer 

While we offer dozens of premade private label supplements such as brain support, focus and ginseng, we also provide custom nutraceutical manufacturing services. You know your patients and customers best, and that’s why many practitioners and herbal tincture companies prefer to formulate their own products and solutions. 

You can rest assured that at Uintah Basin Herbals, we operate our facility with rigorous controls, ensuring the safety of every liquid nutraceutical we manufacture. We work with our customers to research and develop the products they want to sell to patients and clients. When you are satisfied with the final product and your name goes on it, it brings an amazing sense of satisfaction that you have developed your own liquid supplement that customers everywhere will depend on for their health. 

UBH warehouse
UBH warehouse

Private Label Supplement Product Labeling 

Not only do we provide you with the gummy or liquid supplements you need for your patients and clients, but we also offer product labeling and packaging services. You may use a design or logo you have developed on your own, or we can provide graphic designing services for you. 

Especially because we bottle our products in glass, we are extremely careful with the packaging process in order to ensure safe delivery of the product. You can opt for utilitarian packaging or labeled packaging if it will be part of your display. 

Contact Uintah Basin Herbals today to learn more about ordering and manufacturing premade or custom nutraceuticals in liquid or gummy form.