Custom Formulas

While our herbal company offers dozens of liquid supplements and vitamins to our clients that we formulate for them here on the premises, we also offer custom nutraceutical manufacturing services for those who want to design and produce their own liquid supplements. 

As a nutraceutical manufacturing firm, we know that many of our clients count on our expertise and experience formulating liquid supplements and vitamins they can sell as part of their own line with their own private label. However, another segment of our customer base is seeking a liquid nutraceutical manufacturer to create the vitamins and supplements they have formulated either on their own or with another laboratory. 

Although we offer many services here at Uintah Basin Herbals, including product labeling and packaging, we offer our services a la carte as well. Many of our customers love our turnkey services, but we remain flexible in fulfilling specific, individual needs. 

Custom Nutraceutical Manufacturing 

Individuals and companies interested in research and development are often drawn to formulating their own liquid dietary supplements or skin care products. In your practice, shop or other business, you may frequently see patients or clients with particular issues that need addressing, yet no single product currently fills the need. 

The types of practitioners who thrive on staying up late looking through studies and case files are the ones who often are compelled to invent their own curative formulas, and Uintah Basin Herbals is here to help you on your journey. 

We have a robust research and development department that can help you create and test variations of your formulas until you get exactly the result you are looking for. Because we have a certified herbalist on staff and a proven ability to source the ingredients you need for your formulations, you can be sure you are getting exactly what is listed on your private label supplements and skin care products. We regularly undergo audits by the Food and Drug Administration, the National Science Foundation and the organic division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

UBH warehouse
UBH warehouse

Private Label Contract Manufacturing 

Uintah Basin Herbals is a leader in custom gummy manufacturing, liquid nutraceutical manufacturing and private label skin care products. Not only can we create these products to your specifications, but we can also work with you and make suggestions for modifications based on our in-house scientists’ experience and education in herbal tinctures. 

We partner with our clients to create the products they imagine. Additionally, we offer product labeling and packaging services, eliminating the need for you to find a third-party vendor, as well as the expense of shipping the product to them. Our in-house graphic designers can create a label based on your specifications, or we can use a label you have already created. 

Depend on Uintah Basin Herbals for all your custom nutraceutical manufacturing needs.