Why Engage with
a Private Label Nutraceutical Manufacturer?

Whether you are a physician, holistic practitioner, herbalist, therapist, esthetician or you operate an apothecary, dispensary or shop, you can benefit greatly from partnering with our herbal manufacturing company. 

Constructing a laboratory and factory that operates cleanly and efficiently and can pass inspections is a major undertaking. It’s expensive and requires the input of not only engineers, but also experts in the field of safety in nutraceutical manufacturing. Operating a facility that manufactures products meant to be ingested is held to much higher standards. 

Trust the reputation of our nutraceutical manufacturing company and put your name on our quality private label supplements. 

Leading Liquid Supplement Manufacturer 

Our liquid supplements offer your clients a number of distinct advantages over supplements that come in pill form. First, many people find it difficult to swallow pills, especially large one-a-day-type vitamins, so those who sell liquid vitamins will find it easy to build a loyal and dedicated clientele. 

Additionally, studies show that many vitamins taken in pill form do not break down in the stomach as quickly as the manufacturer claims, affecting their efficacy. Liquid dietary supplements are more reliable. Further, if more than one member of a household is taking a liquid supplement, it is easier to adjust the dosage than it is with vitamins and supplements that are in pill form. 

Skin Care Products Manufacturer 

Holistic dermatologists, estheticians and others who believe in natural, herbal products depend on Uintah Basin Herbals to manufacture their skin care products. At our herbal company, we create a number of skin care products for private labeling such as moisturizers, sunscreens and toners. 

If you are interested in starting your own private label skin care products line, talk to Uintah Basin Herbals about what we have to offer. 

UBH Products
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Ethical Supplement Manufacturer 

When you partner with a third party to manufacture nutraceuticals and herbal skin care products, you want to choose an herbal company you trust. At Uintah Basin Herbals, we are subject to regular audits from the Food and Drug Administration, so you can be sure our facility is clean, well-run and complies with all federal and local rules and regulations. 

Rely on us for contract herbal manufacturing, liquid supplements and vitamins, skin care products, and product labeling and packaging.